Setting up the survey widget

Setting up the Survey Widget is easy and takes only a few moments.

How to Install the Survey Widget to your Shopify Store

We use Shopify App embeds to install the Survey Widget to your storefront. This requires you to enable the Widget from the Shopify theme editor for your current theme. More setup instructions can be found in the Shopify Documentation and step-by-step instructions from the Widget Setup page in the dashboard.

How to Install the Survey Widget Manually to your Websites and Landing Pages

The Survey Widget can also be installed manually onto any of your existing websites and landing pages by installing the code snippet into the HTML code of that website.

Note: This step requires access to your website or landing page's source code or the ability to add custom code in your website builder.

The code can be copied directly and needs to be installed before the closing </body> tag of your website HTML.

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