Lifecycle of a survey

Surveys have different statuses over their lifecycles. Below is a summary of each status's meaning and what happens during that status.


After you save the name and targeting information when creating a new survey, you can access this Draft from the Survey > Drafts page.

A survey is a Draft until you finish all steps of the survey wizard and publish it.


An active survey is open to collect responses. For example, if this were a Website Widget Survey, your widget would start showing on your website according to your configured rules. Likewise, emails and triggers will be scheduled and ready if it's an Email Blast or Customer Event Triggered Survey.

Unless Auto-Close settings are turned on, this Survey will remain Active until you explicitly Mark it Complete from the dashboard.


Once a survey is Completed, users will no longer be able to submit new responses, and you will not be able to send invites. However, you can still analyze the results of your Survey.


Surveys, by default, will stay in the Completed status and easily accessible from the Survey> Completed page until you want to put them into the Archive. This helps clear out old Surveys and keep the relevant stuff organized.

You can also delete surveys permanently at any time during any status.

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