How to create a survey

Creating a survey is easy and only takes a few steps in ShopSurvey.

To begin, go to Surveys > New Survey.

Survey Targeting

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the survey editor. Up top, you'll notice a banner that shows which step of the survey creation flow you are on. We start with Step 1 and configure the targeting information.

On this page, you'll give your Survey a name and select which type of Survey you want to create. You will also choose your Audience or Event from this page if it's an Email Campaign or a Customer Event Triggered survey.

After that, once you save and continue, you can always leave and return, as this survey will be available under Survey > Drafts.

Editing Questions

The next step from here is to start adding questions to your survey! There are over 25 different question types. Click the "Add Question" button, and the Question editor will slide out from the side of the page.

At this point, you can choose which question you'd like to ask and customize the settings for those questions. Some questions require more information, like options in a multiple-choice question:

Design Settings

After writing the questions for your Survey, you will move onto the Design step, where you can choose which Theme you'd like to use, edit the headline and subheadline of the Survey, and optionally configure an incentive reward. We currently support optional discount codes.

Delivery Settings (Except Basic URL Surveys)

If you are creating a Basic URL Survey, you will skip setting up the survey delivery settings since it's up to you to copy and distribute your survey link. For the rest of the survey types, this page will have you edit the Widget display settings, design the survey email template, specify when an email campaign should be sent, and schedule the trigger rules for a Customer Event Triggered survey.

Confirm and Publish

Once you reach Step 5, you'll need to review the survey settings, and if everything looks okay, you can click publish and start collecting responses!

Congratulations, you have just launched a survey! 🤗

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