How to create an audience

Audiences are individual segments of users in ShopSurvey. They enable you to send surveys to specific segments of your customer base.

Go to Audiences and click the "New Audience" button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, the Audience Editor will slide out from the right side of the page. You can then choose the source of your audience:

Source Types

  • Shopify Query - These are audiences you create from within ShopSurvey that query your Shopify store for respondents. This uses the native query editor:

  • Shopify Segments - These audiences use the Shopify Segments you've already created and import them into ShopSurvey.

  • CSV File - These are custom email lists that you can import into ShopSurvey. Please ensure that you are uploading contacts with consent to send them emails. You can download a template file from the audience editor:

You can click the "Create Audience" button to sync your contacts. Once the syncing is finished, you can send Email Campaigns to those audiences.

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