Editing the survey email template

You can edit the Survey Email Template any time by going to the Survey Details > Invites page and clicking the "Edit Invite Email" button.

This will take you to the email editor, where you can edit the Sender Identity used to send the email, set the subject and body of the email, edit the button's color, and add images.

Liquid Syntax is supported for dynamic content you'd like to add:

Email Variables

Below is a reference list of the Liquid Variables you have access to:


{{ business.avatar.cdn_url }}

The URL of your business' avatar image (if one is uploaded in your account settings)

{{ business.customer_email }}

Your business' customer support email address

{{ business.customer_phone }}

Your business' customer support phone number

{{ business.myshopify_url }}

Your business' MyShopify Store URL

{{ business.name }}

Your business' public-facing name

{{ business.shop_id }}

Your business' Shopify Account ID

{{ business.subdomain }}

Your business' ShopSurvey form subdomain

{{ respondent.name }}

The name of the respondent

{{ respondent.email }}

The email address of the respondent

{{ respondent.phone }}

The phone number of the respondent

{{ respondent.website }}

The URL of the respondent's website

{{ respondent.city }}

The city the respondent resides in

{{ respondent.state }}

The state or province the respondent resides in

{{ respondent.country }}

The country the respondent resides in

{{ respondent.locale }}

The locale of the respondent, default en

{{ respondent.total_orders }}

The total number of orders placed by the respondent

{{ respondent.last_order_placed_at }}

The datetime of the respondent's latest order

{{ survey.short_key }}

The public ID of the survey

{{ survey.headline }}

The headline of the survey

{{ survey.subheadline }}

The subheadline of the survey

{{ survey.reward_type }}

The type of reward. Possible values are none or discount_code

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