Managing a running survey

Once your survey is published, it is now active and collecting responses. You can observe the progress of your survey, analyze incoming survey responses, and edit the questions and design of the survey. Additionally, you can send more email campaigns to invite more users or send individual invites.

Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab gives you a high-level summary of your survey's engagement and completion metrics. Understand quickly how many people start and finish your survey and how that's trending over time.

Survey Results Tab

The Survey Results tab breaks out each question into a separate visualization or list, depending on the question type. This page is how you can quickly analyze your survey results in aggregate.

For Text and Open-Ended Questions, there are also Word Clouds to quickly glance at high-level topics and themes across your respondent's answers.

Survey Responses Tab

This tab presents a list of all the individual responses to your surveys.

How to edit a running survey

To edit a running a survey, click the "Edit Survey" button on an Active Survey.

From the Edit Survey page, you can edit the survey questions, the selected theme, and the general settings of the survey.

Edit questions on an active survey.

You can add, edit, and delete questions at any point in the survey; however, any responses you collected for that question will also be deleted when you delete a question.

Editing questions here uses the same editing experience as when you first created the survey.

Select a different theme.

Please refer to this page for how to customize your survey's theme, but this is also handled from the settings page under the Design tab.

Edit the survey settings.

Under the Settings tab, you'll find all the options and existing configurations for your survey. Depending on the type of survey, this can include the name, the widget display rules, any auto-close logic, etc.

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