How to anonymize respondent data

If, for privacy or GDPR reasons, you need to anonymize a respondent in your ShopSurvey account, we've made it easy to do this with a single click of a button.

Go to the Respondent Details for the person whose data you'd like to anonymize.

Then click the three-dot menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then click the "Anonymize Respondent" option.

Anonymizing a respondent removes all the PII data from their profile and redacts all the Name, Email Address, Phone Number, or Website URL questions they've answered.

Please note that using the Profiling question types when collecting this PII is essential because it automatically sets those fields on the respondent's profile. It makes it easy to scrub PII from survey answers as well. For example, don't use the Short Text Question Type to collect an email address. Otherwise, we cannot scrub it if you anonymize that user or the user requests their data redacted per their rights under GDPR.

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