Survey types

There are four Survey Types to choose from when setting up a new survey. You select one under "Target Audience" when creating a survey. They are: Basic URL Surveys, Website Widget Surveys, Email Campaign Surveys, and Customer Event Triggered Surveys. This section aims to provide some clarity about the different survey types.

Basic URL Surveys

This is the most generic survey type you can create. Edit your questions, choose the theme, and publish this survey. You will then be able to share the URL with people who want to participate. This is a good option for surveys you send to your social media audience, etc.

Note: Even if you pick a different survey type when you launch a new survey, you will always be able to send a survey's unique URL to individual people.

Website Widget Surveys

Ideal for collecting survey responses directly from visitors to your Shopify store and landing pages.

Website widget surveys can be configured to run on specific pages or your order confirmation page. In addition, they can be configured according to specific rules, like when they first appear on the screen after a specified time delay or scrolling percentage.

When used with Profiling Question Types like Name, Email, Phone Number, and Website, the website widget survey can be used as a powerful lead gen form and can also be used to capture customer feedback when they view a product or make a purchase.

Specifying Paths With Wildcards

If you set your Survey Widget to display on specific pages or exclude it from being seen on specific pages, you can use the wildcard symbol (*) to target pages with IDs in the URL path:

Auto-Close Logic & More

Website Widget Surveys also include Auto-Close Logic to specify when to close the survey automatically:

Email Campaign Surveys

You can survey your existing email lists and Shopify Segments using Email Campaigns. An Email Campaign Survey is simply a survey with an Email Campaign created alongside it at the moment of creation.

Unlike Basic URL and Website Widget surveys, you also configure the design and copy of your Survey Invite Email when using this survey type.

Please note that you can send Email Campaigns for all survey types you create.

An Email Campaign behaves similarly to a Campaign from most Email Service Providers you may already know. You choose the audience you want to send the survey to, customize what the email should look like (including any dynamic content with Liquid Syntax), and customize when you wish the emails to be sent. It includes a large button that will take those users to the survey.

Once you have published your survey, you can go to the Email Campaigns tab and see the one that was created with your survey. At this point, up until the moment your Email Campaign begins sending, you can edit or delete it.

Customer Event-Triggered Surveys

Perhaps the most powerful of all, Customer Event Triggered Surveys allow you to automatically send surveys to users once a specific action has been taken in your store. This can include Abandoned Checkouts, Created Orders, Issued Refunds, and more.

Like the Email Campaign Surveys, you will be prompted to customize the Survey Email Template.

And like the Website Widget Surveys, you can set up Auto-Close logic if you want to run the survey forever vs. a finite period or a limited number of responses.

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