Question logic

Feature Overview:

Question Logic is a versatile feature in ShopSurvey that enables you to add conditional if/then rules to your survey questions. This allows for:

  • Screening or disqualifying users based on their responses

  • Tagging users for segmentation based on their answers

  • Skipping questions or directing users to specific questions depending on previous answers.

This feature helps you craft highly customized and personalized surveys to garner valuable insights from your customers.

Using Question Logic:

  1. Setting Up a Rule: To set up a rule using the Question Logic feature, open the "Question Panel" while editing a question. Locate the "Question Logic" section and click "Add Rule."

  2. Adding Conditions: You'll create conditions based on the structure of (question) (operator) (value). For instance, you might have a rule like:

    • If "Question 4: Are you vegan?" equals "Yes"

    • If "Question 3: How would you rate our customer service?" is less than "3"

    Simply select a question from the dropdown menu, choose a valid operator, and enter or select the value(s) for the logic condition. You can chain together multiple conditions using AND/OR join operators.

  3. Adding an Action: Every Question Logic Rule can have one action associated with it. This action is what happens when the conditions of the rule are met.

    • End the Survey: If you choose "End the Survey," decide the completion status - whether the respondent is 'complete' or 'disqualified.'

    • Tagging Action: If you opt for a tagging action, input the tags you want to apply to the user.

    • Go-To Question: If you select "Go-To question," choose the question the user should be navigated to if they meet the conditions.

    • Skip This Question: If you choose to Skip a Question based on a users previous answers, the question the rule is applied to will not be shown to the user.

Remember: Skip Questions logic rules are checked before a question is presented, while other types are checked after an answer is submitted. This enables a fluid and intuitive survey experience for your customers.

The power of ShopSurvey's Question Logic feature lies in its ability to provide a highly personalized survey journey for each respondent, resulting in more valuable and actionable insights for your business.

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